Thank you for commissioning me! To order a commission, please read my TOS before getting a commission. Look through the commissions for prices and samples, and pick which one that suits you. Don’t see what you’re looking for or are having trouble deciding which commission type you need? Feel free to contact me! To place an order, fill out the form.


Each icon is a 1000 x 1000px portrait of your character and can come in different varieties of complexity and detail.

Regular Icon: $20.00
Deluxe Icon: $35.00

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Single character sketches done in grayscale and in color with some tones and shading.​

Sketchpages are done in 8×11 to 11×14 canvas sizes. They come with  5 to 10 sketches.

B/W Sketch: $10.00
Colored Headshot Sketch: $15.00
Colored Full Body Sketch: $20.00

Sketch Page: $45.00

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Flat Color

Flat filled line art of a character with a simple or detailed background.

Single Character:  $25.00
Extra Character: $10.00

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Cell Shade

Cell shades are done with a single character with a simple background or a complex background.

Headshot: $15.00
Thigh High: $30.00
Full Body: $50.00

Extra Character: $15.00

Simple Background: $0 – $10

Complex Background: $15-$20 

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Full Color

Illustrations are character artwork inked and fully rendered on a 3200×2400 canvas and done with a single character with a simple background or a complex background.

Thigh High: $50.00

Full Body: $70.00
Extra Character: $30.00

Simple Background: $5 – $10
Complex Background: $15-30

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Ref Sheets

Ref sheets are full body renderings of a full body front, back, clothed of your character with additional features.

It also can include a full turn around and a clothed pose with additional features upon request.

Base Price: $80.00
Complex Details (complex clothing/Armor) $20.00


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Character Design

Will design a character from commissioner’s description. These are done on a 3200×2800 canvas and get larger if needed. These consist of a front and back view and are fully painted

Single Character Design:  $80.00+

(Price may increase depending on complexity)

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